Providing professional and affordable concrete staining

for all your commercial and residential needs.

Why have a drab slab?

Acid-staining adds beautiful color and texture to your concrete floors. We can create marble-like concrete floors for your kitchen, foyer, basement, office, restaurant, etc. at a significantly lower cost than most tile or wood applications. Acid-stained concrete floors are extremely durable and easy to maintain.

Acid-staining does not paint the concrete; it penetrates it. Properly sealed and waxed, your floor can last a lifetime. Home applications include virtually all interior living spaces as well as patios, walkways, garage floors, pool decks, etc. Acid-stained concrete has become the floor of choice for many commercial applications like restaurants, retail stores, and office/industrial spaces. Contractors, business-owners, and homeowners are choosing acid-stained concrete due to its beauty, durability, and cost-effectiveness.

Replacing carpets with acid-stained concrete will help to reduce allergens in the home.